Sunday, 20 January 2013

Control Freak in the Making

I have been flying with FlyLady! It's early days but it looks like this is really going to work for me. It is a lot tidier and less cluttered in my flat. The CHAOS is finally loosening its claws. CHAOS in FlyLady terms, stands for Cant Have Anyone Over Syndrome - and boy do I have that!! I usually need to know 24 hours in advance if anyone is coming over, even that is pushing it. Ideally I'd love to have two days but that's never possible :-/ But right now I could have anyone over :)

I got to tick off everything in my Control Journal's detailed cleaning list for this weeks zone. Pharaoh's room is actually complete, I have even sorted through his out-grown clothes which took a while.

I am loving all this organisation. Seriously. I love being in control... Soooo, I have now taken charge of the finances and we are going to be much better off. I will keep the main card that the wages go into with me, and DH will keep the other card with him. I'll transfer a set amount in there every week and that's his budget for goodies, petrol and for any weekend plans. I've also set me and Pharaoh up with our little budget, so we will have money too.

At the moment I never even have £1 in my pocket. It gets embarrassing sometimes. I mean, my husband works and we do have some money, but my sister will ask me to come out and I'll say sorry I don't have any money. This is my answer every single time, and her answer every single time is that she'll buy me a Happy Meal. I like Happy Meals and I appreciate her offering, but isn't it terrible that I can't even go get a £2.20 kids meal rom McDonald's if I wanted.

I told OH this has to change. I literally have no reason to set foot out of the front door, apart from going to the park - and I've rinsed that one! So I don't get dressed, do my hair or wear makeup or really bother with myself. It's probably why I've put on 6lbs AFTER having Pharaoh. I need something to do apart from cleaning (as much as I love it). Staying indoors day after day all year, and now with baby in tow, is enough to drive anyone mental. The weekend is the time I look forward to when OH comes home, but these days he just wants to stay in, which is understandable after a long week at work. But it just winds me up! I am so looking forward to being in charge. He gets money, I get money, bills get paid. Everyone's a winner!

I have become such a control freak that I am even going to be taking up weight watchers. I like the idea of logging every piece of food that goes past my lips. I can be in control of my weight and my health. I've even bought an egg timer for my 15 minutes cleaning rush jobs - and a pedometer to check my calories burned whilst doing housework. LOL! I know I'm really beginning to sound like a nut job. This is what staying indoors 24/7 does to you.

- Bandit Queen
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